Lumix G9 Shooting Impressions

Written By Rob Knight

On November 8, 2017

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I’ve been lucky enough to shoot the LUMIX G9 for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite features about this fantastic tool.

As you may know, I don’t shoot test targets or test dynamic range in a controlled environment. When I get a new camera I take it out and make photos. I use it like I would use any other camera. I assume it will do its job, and make a note of anywhere the new camera lets me down. So far the G9 has been top notch. In my opinion, the grip on the G9 is perfect. I find it easy to hang on to and the controls are right where I expect them to be. Even the power switch is in a better spot.

Here are a few features that I am already finding it hard to do without.

1. Top Plate LCD. I forgot how handy it is to have your camera settings displayed on top of the camera without having to use the rear screen or viewfinder. On other LUMIX models I have to toggle the DISP button to see the shooting settings on the rear screen and then turn them off to shoot. Checking your settings on the fly is so much simpler with the top LCD. With a quick glance you can tell if you’re set for the next shot.

2. More Fn goodness. I’m happy to have two customizable Fn buttons on the front of the G9. I have one set for High resolution mode, and the other for the new AF point scope. I’m really excited about the other addition to the front of the camera. There is a small Fn lever below the lens release button. There are several functions you can assign to this lever, but here’s why I’m stoked- I have mine set to front/rear/control dial lock. With a click of this switch I can lock my settings where they are. Ever shot sports? Your exposure settings are usually very carefully balanced, and it’s a drag when you inadvertently change your aperture or shutter speed between shots.

3. High resolution shot. If you’re a landscape shooter, you’re going to LOVE this feature. I’ve been coveting this feature on other cameras, and the implementation in the G9 is fantastic. In short, the G9 takes 8 shots in succession and stitches them together to deliver an 80MP raw file. The detail is astounding. I was very curious about using Hi-res mode for moving subjects like waterfalls. I found that the stitched images increase the silky look of the rushing water, and they give the look of a much slower shutter speed.

4. 20fps and 60fps! Wait, what? The G9 captures 20 full resolution raw files per second with continuous auto focus! In case you’re not familiar, that’s freakin FAST. Sports and wildlife shooters will have a field day, with this, but you’re going to want some bigger SD cards. Speaking of more space: if you lock focus on the first shot in a burst, the G9 will capture 60 frames per second. Wow. You should be able to catch the decisive moment at those blazing speeds!

It was pretty apparent when I picked up the G9 that I was going to have to rewrite my article about the camera I use every day. The GH5 is amazing. But the G9 has just the right features to make it a no-brainer for my mostly still photography workflow. AND it has beautiful 4K video too!

I found myself thinking, “maybe I’ll keep a telephoto lens on the G9 and a wide angle on my GH5”, but then I wouldn’t have high resolution mode for wide angle shots. I guess I’l have to get another G9.


  1. Suji

    I’m glad to have “discovered” you thru the G9 FB pages and your tip on the front function lever. Are you working on a full review of the G9? I’d love to see some bird/wildlife shots with the G9 and the PL 100-400, the lens that I use on my OMD EM1.2. How are you finding the ‘large for M43, ‘ size of the G9?

    • Rob Knight

      Hi Suji, as a matter of fact I just got back from a nature photography workshop ion Costa Rica. I used the G9/100-400 combo a lot, and I was delighted with the results. The G9 feels great in my hand. Stay tuned for a full recap!

  2. Bill Lott

    Hey Rob, what tripod plate are you using with the G9? Being as new as it is, I am not finding anyone that makes an L bracket yet.

    • Rob Knight

      I’m using a Peak Design plate. It’s Arca compatible and works with their Capture system

  3. david elliott

    Hi Rob enjoyed your brief but great review of the g9. Looking forward to your future updates with this camera . I have one on order thanks



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