I’m pleased to announce the availability of my six-hour Lightroom class on DVD. Click the “Buy Now” button and I will ship the DVD to you for just $30. Check out the introduction video, and read the complete course description below.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful tool that helps photographers import, organize and edit their photos quickly and easily. This course will help you make the most of the software and develop an efficient workflow. The course is great for new Lightroom users, or experienced users who want to improve their Lightroom skill-set.

Adobe Certified Expert Rob Knight has developed this training based on the Lightroom tools that he uses every day. The course is focused on the two modules where you will spend the most time: the Library and the Develop modules.

You’ll learn how to import, sort and organize your images in the Library module. Rob will show you his efficient workflow for finding images easily, and he will teach you the tools you need to develop your own organizational workflow.

Once you have your favorite photos and videos organized, you will learn about the image editing tools in the Develop module. You’ll start with global adjustments, or basic adjustments that affect the entire image. Rob will show you how to otimize your RAW and JPEG files for the best quality images. Then you will learn how to use tools like the Adjustment Brush and the Gradient Filters to make adjustments to specific parts of your images and really get them dialed in.

This course starts at the beginning with a description of the Lightroom interface, and follows the workflow from importing photos to exporting the final edited photos. Order your copy today for only $30 including shipping in the continental US.


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