Subtle Advertising Goes a Long Way

There are a lot of creative ways to keep your name in front of your customers. These are some of my favorite ways to advertise in real life.

Written By Rob Knight

On November 10, 2020

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There are a lot of creative ways to keep your name in front of your customers. Exploring your options for advertising materials can make your head swim. I won’t even get into the gazillions of options we have online. These are some of my favorite ways to advertise in real life.

Custom USB drives.

These little giveaways may not be as expensive as you think. Custom USB drives can be used in many different situations, and I love the fact that they are not some disposable crap that your client will just throw away. This allows your client to carry around your logo and potentially spread it around bit. The drives I use are made of wood to reinforce the natural aspect of most of my photography workshops. There are many styles of these drives. I’m sure you can find the perfect one to represent your business.

Here are a couple of ways you can use customized USB drives to spread your name around…

Delivering images to a client. Sure, you could simply email files you your portrait or corporate clients, but giving them a physical drive with the images leaves a more professional impression.  It puts your logo in their pocket, and who knows how many of their friends or colleagues will see it and ask about it?

Delivering course materials. I have 8GB USB drives that I give to my photo workshop clients. These drives contain videos, PDF’s, web links, and anything else to help them continue to learn after the workshop or class is over. The drives make a simple way for the student to keep the course materials organized, AND it keeps my logo floating around their desk. 

My favorite drives come from

Customized Notebooks.

These may be the opposite of USB drives. LOL. I hand out these 3”x5” craft notebooks at my workshops. Many of us stopped carrying a physical notebook years ago, but there’s something about scratching notes on real paper that everyone likes. My students use these little notebooks for everything from photography notes, to schedules, to listing the restaurants we visited. 

This is also one of the cheapest options. I had a rubber stamp made with my logo for around $20. I order the notebooks on Amazon for less than $1 each and print up as many as I need.

Everyone loves stickers!

Vinyl stickers are kind of an “oldie but goodie”. I have never asked, “would you like a sticker?” without a definitive “yes!” in response. There’s just something about a sticker. It doesn’t matter where people put them in the long run. It’s just another way to spread the word about your website or other product that is more interesting than just a business card.

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