My favorite LUMIX GX7 features

While I love my Lumix GH3, there are several features in the new Lumix GX7 that have me really excited to try out this new machine. I really like the […]

Written By Rob Knight

On August 1, 2013

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LUMIX GX7 featuresWhile I love my Lumix GH3, there are several features in the new Lumix GX7 that have me really excited to try out this new machine. I really like the styling of the body. I think it has a cool classic look without looking overly “retro” or kitchy. I’m glad it has a metal body, and I think the 2-tone silver and black looks smart.

In addition to the good looks, here are the top five features I’m excited about in the Lumix GX7:

  1. New sensor and processor. This is a no-brainer. The new 16mp sensor and new Venus Engine are designed for lower noise, higher dynamic range and better detail reproduction.
  2. New Viewfinder. The viewfinder in the GX7 is a new 2760k dot high resolution unit that reproduces approximately 100% of the Adobe RGB color space! Not to mention it tilts 90° for low-angle viewing.
  3. LUMIX GX7 controlsHighlight/Shadow curves. The GX7 allows you to adjust the highlight and shadow tone curve in the camera. Even more useful are built-in tone curve presets and the ability to save your own presets.
  4. 1/8000 sec. I shoot outdoors a lot, and an extra stop of shutter speed can really come in handy when shooting in bright sunlight. I also noticed that the x-sync speed is 1/320… nice!
  5. Timelapse. While not really a bread & butter feature, I’m looking forward to exploring the possibilities of the in-camera timelapse. The Lumix GX7 can not only shoot the images at your desired interval, but output a finished timelapse video as well.


LUMIX GX7 EVFI can’t wait to get my hands on a Lumix GX7 and put it through it’s paces. Keep an eye out for me and the whole Lumix Luminary team on the Connect with LUMIX GX7 Tour. We’ll be traveling the country shooting hybrid photography and showing off the new LUMIX GX7. Stay tuned to the LUMIX website for all of the latest photos, videos and information.

Giulio Sciorio and I will be traveling down historic Route 66 as well as visiting Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta. I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of what the LUMIX GX7 is capable of by the time we’re done with the tour!



  1. Dennis Mook


    I did Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and back via Route 66 in April and May of this year. Fantastic. Do your research. There are so many incredible things to shoot. Take some side trips also. I took my D800E and my EM-5 and ended up using the Olympus much more than I thought I would. Incredible quality and versatility. I put up a gallery with some of my images on my site. if you have any questions about Route 66, dont hesitate to ask. I’ll be glad to help. Good luck.

    • Rob Knight

      Thanks Dennis. I’ll check out your gallery and I’ll definitely let you know if I have any Route 66 questions.


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