Creative Immersion Photography & Yoga Retreat

January 19-26, 2019

Join me and yoga instructor Kelly Yount in Costa Rica for a week of creativity, photography, yoga, and much more. Explore creative concepts and take your photography to the next level. Limited to 12 photographers.

Sponsored by LUMIX USA, Hunt’s Photo, Photodex, & Tenba

Calendar of Events

May 2018

May 4-13, 2018: The Biggest Week in Birding. Ohio

Look for me and my colleague Shiv Verma at this huge annual event. Sponsored by LUMIX USA

November 2018

November 2-4, 2018: Nature Visions. Manassas, VA

I’ll be returning to this great nature photography event in Virginia. Sponsored by LUMIX USA

January 2019

January 19-26, 2019: Creative Immersion Costa Rica Photo and Yoga Retreat (SOLD OUT)

There are few better places for great nature photography than Costa Rica. Go beyond camera settings and explore your creativity in the rain forest. Travel can heighten our senses and inspire us to pay closer attention to what’s going on around us. When we allow ourselves to slow down and be present, we can begin to explore our own story. We can engage our creativity and decide what it is we want to say. Yoga can teach us how to tune in to our stories. Photography can be the language we use to share those stories. This Creative Immersion retreat provides the opportunity and the guidance to explore your own inspiration, style, and vision with like-minded travelers in a unique environment. Click Here for details!

February 2019

February 21-23, 2019: NANPA Nature Photography Summit. Las Vegas, NV

I’ll be teaching and showing the latest LUMIX equipment in the vendor’s area. Sponsored by LUMIX USA.

June 2019

June 2-8, 2019: Grand Tetons: Spring wildlife photography workshop

Join me for my second trip to Grand Teton National Park with Wildside Nature Tours. Details and Registration

September 2019

September 14-21, 2019: Costa Rica Photo Immersion Workshop

Join me for my tenth annual trip to the rain forest! You’ll shoot wildlife, landscape, culture, and more while you explore your creativity in an unbelievable setting. Find out more and register HERE.



What our guests are saying…

This photography workshop was a great experience that provided numerous opportunities to learn more about photography and the local culture. Both the instructors and local guides are very knowledgeable and pointed out things that I would never have noticed on my own. This well-organized, fun, and friendly workshop was the best way to jumpstart my interest in photography.

Nicole Widmer

It’s not every day or in life for that matter that you get an opportunity to share paradise with such diverse and talented people.  Thank you every one for being part of my life altering journey.

Kat Cunningham

Now, I understand why so many of you were returning participants!  I would go back again too! Experiencing Costa Rica in such an up close and personal way was fabulous…. I must say that Leaves and Lizards was my favorite.  OMG!! the VIEW!!! Thank you all for your help with our cameras and the fun time sharing photographs and life experiences. We learned so much. It was great! And a special thanks to Rob and Bob – you men were amazing!

Barbara Robinson

Great time and enjoyed meeting some new friends…And just generally enjoying good company, good shooting, and looking forward to future photo trips with a great leader.  Thanks Rob!

Tom Simpson

This is my third trip [to Costa Rica]… I can honestly say that each time it has been wonderful, new, exciting and full of wonder. Many, many thanks to Rob and Bob, the A Team of photo instructors! Without a doubt, you guys worked your butts off to plan and execute one fantastic trip!   THANK YOU!!!

Kathy Veitch

There was so many wonderful experiences it is hard to say which was my favorite. The expertise of our instructors was really made it. Nice to be able to ask questions while working instead of a traditional classroom setting.

Anne Nettles

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