I was reminded of this tip this morning as I made my way through the airport with my camera bags. I like backpack camera bags, but there are some good reasons to carry a good ol’ shoulder bag with you when you’re traveling by air.
As you probably know, when you go through security you have to remove just about everything except your pants. Everything out of your pockets, belt off, watch off, etc, etc. I find a shoulder bag the perfect place to stash all of this stuff while you go through security. Call me paranoid, but it makes me cringe when I see a bin go through the scanner with someone’s wallet and passport. I much prefer my personal gear to be a bit harder for someone to just pick up and walk away with.
I like the Retrospective bags from Think Tank Photo for this sort of thing. The Retrospective 7 holds a good sized kit including a LUMIX GH3 and a few lenses, as well as my 11″ MacBook Air or iPad. There is an expanding front pocket with a Velcro closure that is the perfect place to throw your wallet, keys, belt, etc before you go through security. Simply close the flap and all of your stuff is out of sigh for it’s trip through the scanner.
I find little things like this add up to make travel a bit less of a chore. Now if they would just start the AC on this plane…


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