I’m still not willing to admit how many camera bags I have. Just when I thought I had my bags dialed in, I switched to smaller Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses. Since then I have been looking for a professional quality bag that doesn’t swallow my smaller kit.

I’ve been using the Tenba Shootout 24L Backpack for a couple of months now. It has been my go-to bag since I got it, including road trips, plane trips and everyday carry to the office. The only thing I would change about this pack is how the main compartment opens. I prefer a bag that opens on the same side as the straps. That way when you put the bag down in the muck to open it, you’re not putting your backpack straps down in the muck too. The Shootout 24L is built with the laptop compartment toward your back so the main compartment can’t open on that side.

Please watch the video to get my full report. If you’re interested in buying one of these killer backpacks, my friends at Hunt’s Photo and Video have offered a discount for my readers. Use THIS LINK to take advantage of the discount.

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