Custom SLR Glide One Strap Review

The Custom SLR Glide One Strap- Not just another Sling strap

I am not the type to jump on every new photo product that comes along- especially when it comes to simple things like camera straps. How many different “unique” sling straps can there really be? As it turns out…

The guys at Custom SLR recently asked me to try their new C-loop Mini for attaching straps to small cameras. I have used several products from Custom SLR over the last few years, and I have been impressed with the tools I have tried. In fact, their Air Strap is my favorite conventional camera strap. I don’t have any experience with their other C-loop products because they seemed sort of gimmicky to me. Boy was I wrong!

The C-loop mini and it’s larger brothers screw into your camera’s tripod socket and give you two lugs to attach a camera strap to. The trick is that the whole unit swivels freely once it it attached so that your strap doesn’t get tangled. This thing really works! I never realized how much time I spent un-twisting camera straps until I went back to a regular strap after using the C-loop.

Custom SLR sent me their Glide One strap to try with the C-loop mini as well. It is a sling strap that is designed to work with the C-loop. The strap features a split strap pad, but it’s modular design allows me to use my Air strap as a sling strap as well. The Glide One with the C-loop is by far my favorite sling strap. No tangled strap, no nonsense… it just works and stays out of your way.

At this point I have used the C-loop mini on pretty much every camera in my bag. Specifically the LUMIX GH4 with various lenses, LUMIX FZ1000 and LUMIX LX100. I don’t know how much bigger the original C-loop is, but the C-loop Mini works perfectly in all of these applications. Since the C-loop Mini is so small I am even able to leave it attached to the Really Right Stuff L-bracket on my GH4 when I’m using a tripod.

That brings up my only beef with the C-loop Mini and Glide One strap, and it’s the same beef I have with ALL sling straps. You have to remove the strap in order to mount the camera on a tripod. Custom SLR has a product called the M-plate Pro to remedy this problem, but I fear it would be freakin’ huge and cumbersome on my small cameras.

In a sea of new photo gimmicks every day, the gang at Custom SLR continues to impress me with well-made and well-designed products for photographers. Not to mention that most of their products are made in the USA.

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