I’ve been leading photo workshops in Costa Rica for almost six years now, and I can definitely say that the last trip was the best one yet. This was the fifth year for my Costa Rica Photo Adventure workshop in September. People freak out about the weather because it is the “green season” in Costa Rica in September. From my experience it is kind of like going to Florida in the summer. You can count on an hour or two of rain each day, but otherwise it is beautiful.

My guests this year were treated to a couple of beautiful sunsets over the Arenal Volcano and a crystal-clear view of the volcano from 70km away at the Villa Blanca Resort! Everyone agreed that the time we spent with the local people in Monterrey was their favorite part of the trip. I arrange my trips each year so that my guests get a taste of the local culture and it is gratifying to hear how much they responded to that. Of course Costa Rica is beautiful country, but it is the people that set it apart from other destinations.

I’m already planning my September trip for 2015 and I am leading a workshop in Costa Rica with Frederick Van Johnson in the Spring. You can find out about the Spring trip HERE. Hopefully you can join me in Cosa Rica at some point. I can guarantee you will have an amazing time and come away with at least a couple of good photos 😉

Thanks to LUMIX USA and ProShow Web for supporting the event this year. We had several LUMIX shooters on the trip, and I know of a couple of guests who bought LUMIX GH4’s since the workshop. Once I demonstrated some of the possibilities with HD video, 4k and slow motion everyone was excited about adding video to their workflow. Check out this cool ProShow Web video that Kathy Veitch created with her Costa Rica images.

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