It’s no secret that most of my photography is travel related. Whether it’s Route 66 or Costa Rica, my favorite photos usually happen when I’m on the road. Of course I like to make pictures of my beautiful children wherever they are, but aside from that, inspiration generally doesn’t strike me at home. I envy folks who enjoy walking around their own neighborhoods with a camera, but I’ve come to realize that I’m just not that guy.

I suppose I enjoy leading destination photo workshops so much because they feed my own creative impulses and inspiration. There’s nothing like a new landscape, new travel companions, new wildlife, even new food to get out of your routine and get your creative juices flowing. If you’re trying to improve your photography skills (aren’t we all?), what better way than finding new places to point your camera?

Don’t underestimate the time spent behind the camera! You may get to go shoot once in a while when you’re at home, but during a photo workshop you’ll have your camera in your hand for days or even weeks at a time! It’s a great way to get comfortable with your tools. The more familiar you are with your equipment the more you can stop thinking about settings and focus on the images you’re trying to make.

I had the opportunity to share the story behind this photo for my buddy Skip Cohen. I talk about how a change of scenery can affect your creative process. Check it out if you have a couple of minutes.

Now I’m off to go shoot in my neighborhood and see if I can find some inspiration close to home!

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